Supporting Olney Friends School

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Thank you for considering a gift to Olney Friends School! Each gift is important, regardless of size. The school’s health is shown not just in strength in dollars, but in number of donors. When we apply for a grant, the grantor asks what percentage of parents, alumni, board members, and friends make gifts to the school.

You can make a secure online donation

There are many ways to make a significant, tax-wise investment that will support Olney Friends School’s work both immediately and in the long term. For more details, or if you would like to have a conversation regarding one of the following gift options, please contact our main office at 740-425-3655. You can also reach us via email at

Current Gifts

Please consider outright gifts that can be used to meet the school’s annual operating needs, including teacher salaries, laboratory materials and equipment, and speakers and field trips.

Endowment Gifts

For the school’s long-term flourishing, we also welcome gifts to help us grow the Olney Friends School endowment.

Cash Gifts

Cash or gifts by check are always welcome and are tax-deductible. The tax savings from the deduction will depend on your tax rate and other factors.

Securities and Mutual Fund Shares

Giving appreciated assets maximizes your charitable contribution. Because of capital gains considerations, it is more beneficial to contribute appreciated securities directly to Olney rather than to sell them and donate the proceeds of the sale. Please contact us for specific instructions on transferring securities to Olney.

Planned Gifts

Irrevocable planned gifts are gratefully accepted from friends of any age. A bequest is a planned gift in which the giver commits to a donation that will be fulfilled later, by their will or estate. Such commitments must be made in writing (we can provide sample bequest language on request). If your bequest will designate a percentage of the estate, please provide an estimate of that value at the time the commitment was made, to enable correctly recording your gift.

Other examples of irrevocable planned gifts include charitable gift annuities (see below), charitable remainder trusts, charitable unitrusts, and some kinds of insurance gifts. Donations of these types are counted at gift value, not face value, as IRS regulations require.

Charitable Gift Annuities

Many friends of Olney face the challenge of balancing the desire to support Olney with the need for financial security in retirement. A gift annuity to Olney, issued and administered by Friends Fiduciary Corporation (FFC), can serve as a safe, convenient way to receive lifetime income while also supporting the mission of Olney Friends School. Annuity rates are tied directly to the age (minimum 65) of the income beneficiary when payments begin. The minimum gift for an initial annuity is $20,000 ($10,000 for subsequent annuities).