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Leadership Positions

Student Leadership Positions at Olney

Admissions Ambassadors

Current students have played an important role in recruiting new students for our school.  Students may participate as Admissions Ambassadors on either an occasional or ongoing basis. Responsibilities may include:

  • interpreting for international parents when necessary,
  • attending high school nights at area middle schools or high schools and speaking to interested students and parents,
  • hosting visitors,
  • helping to assemble inquiry packets, and
  • contributing photographs, artwork, writing, etc. for review and possible inclusion in promotional materials.

Disciplinary Committee (DC)

When students break a major rule or an egregious combination of minor rules, they have a choice between an administrative response or a response from the Disciplinary Committee.

The role of the Committee is to help establish what happened, hear the student’s side of the story, and then discern appropriate next steps. Four students serve each year on this committee along with faculty and the dean of students.

Dish Crew Leaders (DCLs)

DCLs work closely with the kitchen staff to serve meals, oversee student Dish Crews, and to clean the dining room and dish room.

Office Work Graders (OWGs)

Instead of regular office work (daily cleaning chores), the OWGs train fellow student office workers, stock supplies and equipment, cover for absent students, and maintain the cleaning closets.

Self-Government (Self-Gov)

Continuing a 100-year-plus tradition at Olney, students meet weekly as a body and assume responsibility for oversight of student welfare and the overall health of the community, the development of proposals regarding student life (for approval by faculty or administration), and any other matters of interest to students. Four Self-Gov leaders are elected each year.

Spiritual Life Committee

The Spiritual Life Committee is a group of students and faculty that meets weekly to enhance the spiritual life of Olney Friends School. They plan programming for mid-week Meeting for Worship and also address spiritual concerns on campus. The committee is open to any and all Olney community members, regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs.

Student Dorm Staff

At Olney, student self-responsibility and collective responsibility for community life is emphasized. As part of this culture, each dorm has a group of six to seven students who act as a first line of response for student concerns, and as a communication conduit between the student dorm community and the adult resident dorm staff members. Each student dorm staff member is on duty one night per week and one weekend per month. They provide homework help for study hall, organize activities, and help settle the dorm at night.