The Value of an Olney Education

A Foundation for the Future

Our primary academic goals at Olney Friends School are for students to be well prepared to succeed in college; to develop a love of learning through a balance of individual and collaborative work; to develop the skills of clear thinking, reading, speaking, and writing in a broad range of relevant subject areas; and to apply what they have learned in useful ways.

While our students generally spend between two and four years with us, our belief is that Olney provides the foundation for graduates to excel in all areas of life. Our curriculum and community are intended to foster personal and interpersonal growth, whether it be socially, physically, environmentally, economically, spiritually or academically.

Learning at Olney

A Unique Educational Experience

Olney’s curriculum builds upon our long tradition of academic and intellectual rigor, spiritual inquiry, environmental stewardship, and interpersonal learning. Our college prep educational structure not only covers traditional high school level courses and content — students will take Algebra, Physics, Spanish, Calculus, etc. — but also offers students the opportunity to engage in electives that will foster and challenge their creativity but also include real world practicality.

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Academic Advisory

Navigating Your Olney Journey

Each student is assigned an academic advisor. The advisor is the parents’ first point of contact with the school about academic concerns and the student’s first source of help with resolving academic questions. Students meet weekly with their advisors (and as needed, throughout the week) to discuss social and emotional well-being and academic progress.

To learn more about our academic advisory program, please contact Micah Brownstein, Deputy Head of School & Dean of Students.

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Where We Learn

A Living Laboratory

Olney is home to several academics buildings — the Main, the Stillwater Science Center and the Music Box — but having abundant local resources allows our students to use our 350-acre campus and the surrounding areas as a living laboratory. From broiler house construction projects on the farm and water quality monitoring on nearby Captina Creek to creative writing workshops in the Collection Room and wilderness survival education at Raven Rocks, Olney students are able to explore their intellectual and creative journeys both inside a traditional classroom setting and out.

College Counseling

Preparing For Life After Olney

Through the Olney Friends School curriculum, students are preparing for college at all times. However, the formal college counseling program begins in the junior year and continues with greater concentration in the senior year through the College Class Endeavor as well as individual meetings with the college counselor.

Olney Friends School offers SAT and TOEFL test preparation courses to second-semester juniors and first-semester seniors.

Students do not have to attend university directly from Olney Friends School, but all students must participate in the college process and be accepted to a four-year college or university to graduate. Click here to see our recent college acceptances.

Just as Olney Friends School values each student individually, recognizing their innate strengths and specific needs, we seek to help them find colleges that are good matches for them academically, socially, and financially.

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