Academic & College Support

Study Hall

All students begin in daytime and evening structured study hall. Faculty monitor and help as needed. Students who maintain a high level of academic success are given the option to enter an unstructured study hall whereby they are allowed to study in a location of their choice. Students often work cooperatively and learn from each other during group projects and peer workshops.

Each evening during study hall, one classroom is dedicated as the quiet room, where individual mathematics help is also offered. Another classroom is designated for group projects, and writing and ESL assistance.

Academic Advisors

Each student is assigned an academic advisor. The advisor is the parents’ first point of contact with the school about academic concerns, and the student’s first source of help with resolving academic questions. Students meet biweekly in advisory groups, which serve both an academic and a social bonding purpose. Advisory groups are responsible for planning selected weekend school-wide activities throughout the year.

College Counseling

For nearly two centuries, Olney graduates have continued their formal education at a variety of institutions across the country. From small, private liberal arts colleges to art and design schools to metropolitan research universities, our College Counseling program aims to match our students with the schools that meet their individual personalities, passions and academic interests.

Every student must be accepted to at least one four-year college or university in order to graduate from Olney Friends School. Click here download the complete list of recent college acceptances.

If you have any questions about our College Counseling program, please contact Joe Sullivan at