Olney Scholarship Application

Olney Friends School is committed to making our unique educational experience affordable for all accepted students. We believe that finances should never prevent a family from considering Olney as a high school option for their child. As such, we offer generous scholarship and need-based financial aid options.

If you and your child believe that Olney might be the right school for you, we encourage you to begin your scholarship application today!

Each year, Olney Friends School offers scholarships to students whose background or circumstances warrant financial support from our institution. We currently offer five scholarships:


Quaker Scholarship: Available to students who actively attend Quaker meetings, Friends Music Camp, or a similarly affiliated club or activity. Students who have attended a Friends Council on Education member school should apply for the FCE Scholarship instead. If the student is an active member of a Friends meeting and has attended an FCE member school, then the student may apply for both.


Heritage Scholarship: Available to students with previous family connections to the school. These connections can include being a legacy (parents or grandparents attended) or having other family members (siblings, aunts/uncles, cousins) who were alumni, honorary alumni, or friends of the school.


Opportunity Scholarship:  Available to students living in geographically and socioeconomically disadvantaged areas, or areas impacted by natural disasters.


NAIS Scholarship: Available to students who have attended or graduated, in good standing, from a National Association of Independent Schools member institution within the past two academic years.

 FCE Scholarship: Available to students who have attended or graduated, in good standing, from a Friends Council on Education member institution within the past two academic years.


If you are ready to apply for a scholarship, please write a 200-500 word essay describing the following: 

– Who are you?

– What personal qualities will you/do you bring to Olney? 

– Why do you feel deserving of an award?

– How Olney can support you in your interests, growth, and success.