Live and Learn on 350 Organic Acres!

At Olney, we are developing organic farming practices to grow healthy food for our community in sustainable ways. We strive to improve soil fertility and health while also improving our students’ health. We use the farm as a way to teach our students to become healthy food consumers and informed community leaders. As part of their Olney experience, students gain an awareness of the importance and complexity of a healthy sustainable food system.

Farm-to-Table Meals

Because of Olney’s location and history, the easiest part of eating locally is growing the food. A major goal at the school is, and has been, raising most of our food. Considerable efforts have been taken in recent years to add the equipment, storage, and staff needed to transform raw product into a delicious meal in a way that is efficient and meets Health Department requirements.

Students regularly enjoy our fresh vegetables, free-range eggs, broiler chickens and farm-raised beef during the three on-campus meals served each day. For students with dietary restrictions, vegetarian options are made available at breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack with vegan and gluten-free options available as needed.

USDA Organic Certified Campus

In 2015, Olney’s 350-acre campus was issued certified organic status by the USDA. We are one of less than 10 high school campuses in the country to receive this credential and are certified to produce nearly two dozen crops and livestock organically — by far the most of any school farm in the United States!

Olney’s commitment to local, sustainable and organic agriculture allows us to provide healthy, nutritious meal options with items from our local food system. Much of the produce and livestock consumed on campus comes from our very own farm, with even more coming from within a few mile radius of campus.

Farm Team

Offered as a sports-block option for students who enjoy the physical demands of raising livestock and crops, Olney’s Farm Team is divided into two sections: Animal Farm Team and Vegetable Farm Team

Animal Farm Team plays a vital role in the school’s management of cattle, goats, pigs and organic, cage-free chickens. Students in Vegetable Farm Team help prepare the many crops that are served at our three daily meals. They also receive a unique, hands-on education that allows them to experience the entire life cycle of the crops, from preparation and planting to harvesting and meal production.

The Farm to Table program comes full circle for many Olney students who participate on Farm Team, however, as they not only consume the food, but also play an integral role in growing, harvesting and raising many of our crops and livestock.

Olney Kitchen Menu

To balance academics and extracurriculars, Olney students are provided three tasty, nutrient-rich meals each day. They begin with a healthy breakfast, then a hearty lunch, finishing the day with a delicious dinner. We also have a variety of fruits, vegetables, and other munchables available throughout the day in our Snack Window.

Meal time at Olney is one of many opportunities to bring our learning community together, and most of our students appreciate knowing their food was grown or raised on or within walking distance of our kitchen. Even our cows and calves eat organic hay that is produced on campus!