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Are you ready to become part of a unique, engaging, international learning community? Do you have a particular interest in art, sustainability, history, environmental and nature studies, philosophy, technology, organic foods and farming, gender equality, creative writing or social justice?

If so, Olney is always looking to welcome artistic, ambitious, creative, passionate, eager, intellectually curious individuals to join our student community.

We welcome students in grades 9-12 from across the United States and the world. We also have a special “Early Entrance” option that allows students entering 8th grade to begin their high school careers a year early.

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Is Olney Right for Me?

Choosing the right high school can be a major decision for teenagers and their parents, especially if that decision involves the student leaving home for nine months each year. We understand how difficult this decision can be, so we have invited some of our students to share what it is like to live and study at Olney Friends School.

So, is Olney the right school for you?

Who is the "Typical" Olney Student?

Each year, Olney welcomes approximately 45-65 students from diverse international, religious, social, cultural and economic backgrounds. In recent years, young scholars have visited us from across The United States and the world. In the past two years, our students came to us from over a dozen U.S. states and over a dozen countries, including Russia, Afghanistan, China, Vietnam, Rwanda, Germany, Ethiopia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, South Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

Olney functions as a day and boarding school and is located in Barnesville, Ohio, approximately 90 minutes from Columbus, Ohio, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The majority of our students reside on campus throughout the academic year, with an increasing number of local students commuting to campus daily. Because our students come from varying distances — 10 miles or 10,000 miles — we offer both 5-day and 7-day boarding options, allowing students who live relatively close to campus the option to return home on the weekends.

So, can you describe the “typical” student at your school?

In short, there is no such thing as a “typical” student at our school. Olney appeals to students and their families for many reasons, whether socially, academically, spiritually, environmentally, economically or geographically. Rooted in Quaker values such as community, equality and stewardship, Olney embraces the idea that all students who are willing and eager to learn and grow should be able to do so in our community without the pressures and anxieties often encountered in larger, more traditional educational environments. Since we are an intentionally small boarding school, every student, regardless of grade level or background, plays a significant role in the daily life of our school.

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Are YOU a “typical” Olney student?

What is the "Early Entrance" Option?

We understand that the early teenage years can be among the most challenging and confusing of a person’s life. For students who show considerable maturity and a precocious intellectual or academic aptitude, this period can be even more difficult if the child is in the wrong educational setting. As such, Olney offers an Early Entrance program to qualified students that allows them to begin their high school careers a year early.

Are you interested in beginning your high school career early?

Can I Visit First?

For many students and families, a formal visit to campus marks the beginning of a close connection with our learning community. Prospective students are able to gain a first-hand, real-time experience of what it means to attend Olney. Generally, visits include a comprehensive tour of campus, attendance in one of more of our academic courses, a community lunch and meeting time with student ambassadors, faculty members, our Head of School, Residential Life Coordinator and Academic Coordinator. Our Admissions Team often conducts a formal interview during the visit, as well.

Interested in visiting our campus, meeting our experienced faculty and interacting with students from across the country and the world? Olney welcomes prospective students and families to visit us year-round.

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Tuition and Financial Aid

A quality education is one of the most sound and rewarding investments parents can make for their child. Not only are young men and women embarking on an academic journey, but they are also setting the foundations for their futures — as adults, friends, parents and active, engaged members of an ever-changing society. As such, we believe in doing everything possible to make an Olney education financially possible for promising students.

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